VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) is one of the new technologies applied to conventional mechanical liposuction, to achieve superior results and safety. VASER, simply means that liposuction cannula is additionally powered with ultrasound energy at the tip.

    Conventional liposuction involves introduction of hollow metal blunt tip cannulas with side holes (similar to straw) into the fatty layer under the skin through small cuts, under anaesthesia. Cannula is attached through tubing to a negative pressure liposuction machine .When surgeon moves the cannula back and forth into the fatty layer, it breaks through softer fatty tissue with causing relatively less damage to tougher surrounding tissues namely blood vessels, nerves and fibrous connective tissue. Fat is usually loosened prior to liposuction by injecting tumescent fluid, which also helps in shrinking blood vessels and thus reducing blood loss. Limitation of conventional liposuction is blood loss which can be significant when larger than 5-7 percent of body fat is aspirated in a single sitting. Additionally it gets tiring for the surgeon to remove larger amounts of fat especially from tougher areas like back, male chest and abdomen.

    VASER liposelection is 3rd generation ultrasound assisted liposuction technique. After injection of tumescent solution special solid titanium VASER cannulas with grooved tip, is introduced into fatty layer through small cuts in skin and surgeon moves the cannula gently back and forth delivering ultrasound energy evenly to the tissue. Ultrasound selectively breaks down fat cells without causing collateral damage to blood vessels, skin, nerves or fibrous tissue. This is why it is called VASER liposelection. After the fat is liquefied with VASER energy, it is suctioned out with hollow cannulas as usual.

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