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    Cosmetic surgery is the most commonly known branch of Plastic Surgery, which provides mainly subcutaneous operations by means to mend and improve any defect or deficiency about one’s aesthetic condition.

    Cosmetic Surgery has become one of the most important branches of Medical Aesthetics, evolving through years of strenuous research of practitioners by means to create a safe and efficient treatment to improve one’s aesthetic deficiencies. There is a group of cosmetic surgery procedures providing for proper and beautiful enhancement of one’s aesthetics:

    Breast Augmentation – is the most widely chosen cosmetic surgery that allows improvement of one’s breasts by means of enlargement using breast implants. Breast Augmentation is medically known as Augmentation mammoplasty that ensures itself as a safe and sophisticated surgery with the use of medical graded implants and practiced by dedicated and talented surgeons, to aid for conditions like having naturally small breasts (Micromastia); surgical removal of one’s breasts(mastectomy) due to breast cancer; or asymmetrical formation of breasts.

    Liposuction – Is aimed to treat people with stubborn body fat by surgical removal of the fat, and newer technologies provide further shaping up of the operated area with minimum invasiveness and maximum results for a complete toned body. However, Liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss, but a considerate option to surgically remove those fat disposals which do not respond to weight loss programs.

    Liposuction came into news most prominently in 1985 with a handful of practitioners believing in its efficiency. Since then, the procedure have pushed its limits to have developed with drastic advancements with a number of mechanisms, notably the ultrasound assisted liposuction (UAL) technology developed by VASER that can be performed on the abdomen and waist areas as well as hard to reach problem areas such as the hips, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, knees and neck and the jaw line. VASER Liposuction is now a popular name worldwide and one of the most commonly sought cosmetic surgeries by both women and men in the UK and most parts of the western world.

    Hi-Def Lipo-sculpture – VASER Hi Def liposuction is highly advanced variant of Standard VASER Liposuction that allows a formidable sculpting of the abdominal and various other regions of one’s body with a defined enhancement of the musculatures. This surgery is very popular for body builders and male models. VASER Hi Def is one high-end cosmetic surgery for healthy and fit people who wish to achieve a more detailed muscular definition. But due exercise and dieting is required to sustain the best results.

    Mid-def Lipo-sculpture- is another variant of liposculpturing that is a medium procedure a little more than Standard Liposuction and a little less than Hi-def liposuction. Mid-def Liposculpture allows a unique procedure for toned and shapely contouring of the abdominal and waist region with defined soft curves, that is not as vivid as Hi-def Liposculpture. As well as accentuates the lower back and makes the upper buttocks look fuller and rounder. Mid-def Lipo is more popular with women.

    Tummy Tuck – Is Abdominoplasty that is a surgical removal of excess fat typical of the abdominal region.

    Facelift – is the most delicate cosmetic procedure with a variety of invasive and non-invasive techniques to tighten and firm the facial skin to give back a younger looking freshness to it.

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