Vaser for Men

    Many men opt for Vaser liposuction to reshape their body. Actually, females obtain much more body fat about their particular upper thighs, sides, and also tummy; while guys get together body fat within the upper body region, appreciate manages, and also on top of the particular stomach. Due to the very dense associated with body fat during these places, guys encounter greater results once they go through the particular Vaser Liposuction therapy, a process which transfers the particular ultrasonic power towards the cells to get body fat breakup and also removal.

    What exactly Males can perform along with Vaser Lipo:

    For a man, Vaser may be the minimum intrusive way of getting rid of extra fat. For men the most popular areas are the chest, abdomen, lower back (love handles), neck and jaw line. The largest advantage is actually natural-looking outcomes that the traditional liposuction therapy will not offer.

    Treatment of Gynecomastia (Man Boobs)

    Clients who suffer from gynecomastia sometimes wait several years before seeking treatment, often going to extraordinary lengths to mask their condition from others. Before Vaser Lipo, Liposelection, the only options involved painful, risky and expensive surgery.

    Treatment of gynecomastia with traditional liposuction requires a general anesthetic, is painful, requires several weeks of downtime and usually leaves a scar. The client is often left with irregularities and a noticeable ridge between the treated and untreated areas. In some cases, Vaser for Men can be successfully treated with Vaser Lipo, Liposelection rather than resorting to more invasive procedures.

    Vaser Lipo, Liposelection is permanent, safe, virtually painless, takes less than two hours and most clients can return to work the next day. It is done under a local anesthetic and a fine, ultrasonic probe is used to emulsify the fat, so risks of complications are minimal compared to surgical alternatives. There is very little risk of scarring and support garments need only be worn for about two weeks.

    The results are consistently smooth and natural looking. Since Vaser Lipo Liposelection works at the cellular level, there is a smooth transition between the areas that are treated and the surrounding areas. The result is a normal, natural looking chest – which is what everyone deserves!

    To determine whether your gynecomastia is likely to be treatable with Vaser Lipo Liposelection, all you need do is attend a consultation with your surgeon.

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