Vaser 4D

    Vaser 4D sculpt is a simple form of the vaser liposuction surgery, combined up with an abdominoplasty procedure. This technique combines advanced technologies to cut down the unwanted fat tissues throughout a candidate’s torso in order to reveal the muscle tone beneath.

    What Is The Procedure Of 4D Body Contouring?

    4D vaser liposuction combines the advanced body contouring technologies which helps to reduce the unwanted adipose tissues and eliminate them. This ultrasound-assisted body sculpting technique is ideal for sculpting down a candidate’s abs and the removal of fat contents is done without damaging the surrounding blood vessels, nerve tissues and muscles. This procedure is similar to the regular vaser liposuction treatment but specialized cannula which helps to reduce fat contents which are around the abdominal muscles. This technique helps to eliminate the fat content with utmost precision and it allows a better sculpt which provides an attractive body contour.

    What Are The Benefits Of 4D Vaser Liposuction?

    A candidate’s abdominal skin can be selectively contoured and thinned with the help of 4D vaser lip sculpture. This surgery also leads a candidate to a more natural body contour. In most of the cases, vaser 4D sculpt technique should be performed on a candidate’s flanks as well. In some of the cases, combining vaser liposuction surgery also provides the candidates with better results and body contour.

    What Is The Difference Between Vaser Hi Def And Vaser 4D Liposuction?

    Being dissatisfied with the aesthetic results of vaser hi def surgery aesthetic surgeons invented the surgery of vaser 4D liposuction which takes hi def procedure to the next level. During the vaser 4D technology, attention is paid to the natural motion and placement of the underlying musculature. This surgical technique is applicable for all the genders.

    Why to Choose 4D Body Contouring Procedure?

    This surgical technique offers multiple types of advantages over the traditional liposuction especially for the candidates who desire more contours to their abdominal muscles.

    • 4D body sculpting technique allows an aesthetic expert to reduce adipose contents in greater detail which follows the natural folds of the muscles.
    • The ultrasound-assisted technique majorly reduces trauma to surrounding tissues for a quicker recovery and minimal risk of complications.
    • Extracting adipose tissues with the usage of vaser 4D technology helps to sculpt away adipose contents in order to reveal the natural muscle tone of a candidate.

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