Vaser Mid Def

    VASER Mid-Def Liposculpture is a newly introduced technology of Liposcupturing by VASER for men and women that comes with the same benefits as that of VASER hi-def liposculpture providing for a selective removal of pockets of stubborn body fat from the abdomen and various other areas of the body, but with a more slighter definition of the musculature as opposed to the vivid enhancement of musculature provided by VASER hi-def lipo.

    Vaser Mid-def liposculpture is more commonly used by women who want to get rid of unwanted bulges and sculpt their contours, but don’t want the manly enhancement of the muscles. For that purpose VASER has designed developed the intelligent Mid-def technology to broaden the options for having a perfect body. Mid-Def Vaser allows the stomach to become flatter and well-shaped, the waist to be slimmer and defined. This then accentuates the curve of the lower back and makes the upper buttocks look fuller and rounder. Mid-Def lipo surgery comes with the same safety and efficiency stature maintained by VASER.

    Treatable areas with VASER Mid-Def include:

    • Abdomen
    • Chest
    • Buttocks
    • Waist and Flanks
    • Inner and outer thighs
    • Arms

    The Procedure

    A VASER Mid-Def surgery involves a combination of Standard VASER Liposculpture and Hi-def Liposculpture to selectively remove fat deposits in small amounts from specific muscle groups. The technique gradually reveals a shadow effect in the area, resulting with a softer definition and more toned muscles of abdomen and various other areas.

    The Results

    Harley Body Clinic is one of the best Liposuction clinics in London where our talented surgeons are keen on practicing with the latest technology sustaining their reputation as one of the best surgeons to provide perfected results.

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