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Vaser Liposuction

To lose the extra flab from selective areas of the body, Vaser Liposuction might be right for you. Our surgeons specialize in this FDA approved technology providing the best results.

Vaser Hi Def

An enhanced athletic body made faster and safer to acquire with the minimally invasive procedure of Vaser Hi-def liposuction that can sculpt various areas of your body much to your desire.

Vaser Mid Def

Enhance the natural curves of your body with the all new Vaser Mid-def liposculpture that smartly tones and enhance the natural contours with a soft and firm definition.


Male Breasts can be a medical condition of Gynecomastia, At Harley Body Clinic we provide you the most efficient and safe solutions at smart prices when surgery is considered.

Free Consultation with our Expert Surgeons

Harley Body Clinic one of the best Cosmetic Surgery Group in London offering treatments of Vaser Liposuction, Hair Loss Restoration, Breast Augmentation and much more. Call us to book for a free consultation directly with our expert surgeons to know more about what's best for you. No consultation charges applied.

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Highly qualified surgeons at Harley Body Clinic widely prefer the FDA approved technologies of Vaser to treat stubborn body fat on various areas of the body for a firm and shapely body contour, for its minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that are much safe and less hazardous to the body.

Male Breast Reduction

For Male breast reduction surgeries and safer treatments of Gynecomastia, a number of new-age technologies have broadly advanced to perform efficient and permanent removal of glandular tissues and fatty tissue around the chest of men.

Vaser Liposuction

Get the flat abdomen of your dreams by talented and safe hands of our surgeons at Harley Body Clinic. We use only FDA approved materials of Vaser for maximum and safe results.


Liposuction has never been as safer with Vaser Liposuction and its advanced new technologies. Weather its large areas like your abdominal fat or small delicate areas for facelift. Our experienced surgeons ensure every care taken for maximum results.
Vaser Liposuction

Vaser liposuction : treatment is for reducing stubborn body fat using ultrasonic vibrations that is performed on abdomen, inner and outer thighs; posterior flanks; love handles, and almost all parts of the body. With both invasive and non-invasive surgeries.

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Breast Augumentation

Breast Augmentation : is done using medical grade breast implants and by expert surgeons who understand your every need. Breast enlargement is for healthy women who have naturally small, asymmetrical or deformed breasts due to any accident, ageing or pregnancy.

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Hair Loss Surgery

Hair Loss Treatment : Hair restoration surgeries are safe and affordable at Harley Body Clinic, we provide a separate section for best hair restoration and hair transplant clinics in UK that offers FUT and FUE surgeries for hair transplant for Men and Women.

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Harley Cosmetic Group, institution of cosmetic surgery and liposuction in London offer selective range of cosmetic surgery in London.

We specialize in ultrasound assisted VASER Liposuction for the benefit of fat reduction and cosmetic body contouring.

We have a preeminent medical team with over 15years of experience, adhering to the standards of naturalistic cosmetic results without leaving any permanent surgery marks or scars.  MORE


A well contoured body is wishful for almost everyone in the planet. But having the same is seemingly impossible for many, since little “problem areas” of stubborn fat either refuse to shed or keep coming back despite generous dieting and exercising. Many individuals often feel disheartened to carry on with their fitness regime, and sense the need of some extra help.

Cosmetic body contouring with liposuction is the most appropriate solution to consider for precise and most detailed refinement of the body.

Liposuction is a minimal invasive cosmetic surgery that works to remove stubborn localised fat from selective regions like abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, arms, legs etc. and thus achieve a reshaping of that particular region. Almost all regions of the body include to be treatable areas.

Thin diameter micro-cannulas are inserted into skin layers to break down stubborn fatty tissues which are the hardest to shed with dieting and exercising. The isolated fat is removed permanently with aspiration. And this fat removal leaves behind a better contour of that particular area. Multiple areas can be treated at once to achieve a complete body contour.  MORE


VASERLipo introduces third-generation ultrasound technology to perform liposuction surgery with least invasiveness.

Ultrasound waves are generated through the specially designed VASER probes, which vibrate into the skin gradually melting down fatty tissues till deep layers. VASERLipo is evenly efficient for fat removal from --multiple treatable areas-- under one surgery, as well as large volume of fat removal, keeping it minimal invasive and shorter downtime.

This system can yield excellent results for gynecomastia and male breast reduction surgery, and as well as more delicate areas like, knees, ankles, neck and jowls.

VASER HI Def Liposuction/4D liposculpture offers body sculpting and getting a refined musculature like six packs and turtle abs.  MORE


  1. More selective of fat from surrounding tissues in delicate areas like knees, ankles, neck and jowls
  2. Makes large volume fat removal more minimally invasive
  3. Quick recovery and minimal downtime
  4. Less potentials of scarring and bruising
  5. VASER Hi Def Lipo can define musculature of six packs, turtle abs.


VASER Liposuction prices start from £1,900 for one area, at Harley Cosmetic Group. You can have the best standard treatments under specialist care; and you need not to be a celebrity alike to be treated like one at our liposuction clinic. Our intelligently structured VASER Liposuction price plans and policies apply for everybody.  MORE


Our patients choose us for the reasons that we offer premium standard services and treatments, at formidable price packages. Our offered VASER Liposuction price policies as well as for other treatments is transparent of any hidden costs or conditions.

We treat every patient with the same attention and care right since their consultation and throughout their decision making in choosing the surgeons, preparing for surgery and keeping close communication during their recovery and sensitivity period and follow up sessions, we ensure you will be happy with your results.

We prioritize that you deserve the best.

We do not involve any outsourcing or sales strategies to influence any visitor or seeking patient. If you have booked a consultation at the clinic, we will call you to check on your decision and guide you if you are going through any confusions or dilemmas. We may send you emails about existing offers, discounts, and newsletter, which you can discontinue if you don’t want to receive them.

Client's Reviews

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I have undergone my Gynecomastia surgery and I am very happy. It was minimal invasive and painless surgery. I am thankful to the expert doctors who are ready to help you always by giving a free consultation before the surgery.

– E. Lloyd (42), Tolworth

Thanks to Vaser and my doctor at HARLEY BODY CLINIC, they really treat me well. Post pregnancy the size of my breasts increased three folds, busting my confidence. I opted for Breast Reduction and am very happy with the results.

– Nelita (37), Essex

I tried the Botox wrinkle removing treatment at Harley Body Clinic and am pleased with the amazing results. I was recommended by a friend, and this was really worth it. I am sure I will be doing my further Botox treatments from here only.

– M.Foster (37), London

I had lost my figure to ageing. And had opted for Vaser Liposuction from Harley Body Clinic being recommended by my cousin. They were really helpful. Won't say I got exactly what I had lost. But I am happy with the results no doubt.

– Candace S. (50), Kensington

The hair loss treatments at Harley Body Clinic are really good. I was bald. And had huge requirements. And it was amazing, that here my surgeons understood that. My FUT surgery turned up really well.

– Gayle Okafor, (28) London

I had Gynecomastia. And undergone this surgery after a lot of thinking. Thanks to the "free" consultation. I am really thankful to my surgeon who took good care of me.

– Brandon Gardner, Bristol


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